Monday, March 27, 2006

Canon ROCK!

Hey guys its real! he is really playing ahaha no kidding! cool guy haha jus dun mind whatever action he did in the beginning haha

he also went on TV in TAIWAN.(BTW he is taiwanese)

And next... for those who love classical.. sorry haha here the next song he played
Wedding in a dream~

Okay last but not least (No More Distance)

Passionforlife at 6:40 AM

Blogger or Blooper?

Hey guys! wanna learn guitar? okay here is a Free guitar lesson for you! Enjoy. haha okay jus watch...if u know how to play.. look he is jus crapping haha but its funny..

Passionforlife at 6:28 AM


Okay! next L.O.V.E by Ashlee Simpson. Well to be honest. This songis kinda irritating hahah.Well its my own comment. i will keep it to myself haha. Enjoy

Passionforlife at 6:25 AM

Hips don't lie

Shakira new MTV yeah! look at her hip its.. haha i dunno.. ain't her hip attached to her body? haha they aare moving individually haha scary well , but its nice! enjoy!!

Passionforlife at 6:19 AM

Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Wreckers

Hey guys Ever heard of The Wreckers? Well its a side project which is formed by Michelle Branch and Jessica Harp.the song "Lay Me Down" is sung by them live! haha Hope you like it!
Lay me down

Passionforlife at 3:53 AM


Ok next song~ haha Jason Mraz again ok i admit i like him..a good guitaris and a good singer with special singins style. Well listen~

Passionforlife at 3:43 AM


Hi Again guys, its been a long time since i blogged haha kinda lazy to do it.. wel, but now i found something i wanna do in blog! I'm gonna post nice videos here on my blog for you guys. Kinda like a Blog VJ eh? hahaha okay here is a song by Jason Mraz and its called "I'm Yours" live in AoL session. hope you guys like it. i love it when they harmonies haha yeah. Enjoy!

Passionforlife at 2:51 AM