Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Shopping day

woooo today is a great day ahaha. Firstly my dad gave me 300 bucks for my chinese new year shopping aahh soo happy la..and went out the whole day with with my baby to bugis,orchard and to chinatown haha. well bought so much stuffs haha but i saved some cash for later use too haha JUST INCASE! anyway i bought a pair of jeans ,three t-shirts and a bag. Chinatown is sooooooo crowded ahaha i nearly screamed. We went to eat at this resturant and the Hor Fun is SOOOO nice haha, after that we went home..REally Enjoyed!! muahahaha

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Sunday, January 22, 2006


Hey im back haha i've not been blogging these past two days haha sorry BUSY LA!! GOT HOMEWORK LA! haha hmmm did 3 piece of poster for my class tomorrow and lucky that my baby helped to save in the disc haha because my computer do not have a A DRIVE!! SO LAME! aaha okay anway,i have been rushing my work till midnight yesterday haha which causeme to have an freaking ucler at my back of my tongue Ah!! so irritating. It hurts even when i drink! Ah.. anyway thats all for today and for those who care for me, don't worry im okay! hahaha!pooof!

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Wednesday, January 18, 2006


hey guys! ahaha today is another cool day. Me ,my baby and of course my friends went to NUS to watch Vics gig today and OMG its sooooo cool okay! Well but the 1st few bands really cannot make it. Its either they sing out of tune or the voice is really__________ Flat hahaha. when it comes to vics band everyone scream for them haha the atmosphere was great. Well they were the last band performing, so people actually shouted Encore!!haha and they came out and played again. Had a great time with my friends ahah. On the way home was the best time. haha because i can spend time with my baby alone hehe. We took bus home from clementi at aound 11:20 ahaha so late. And i reached home around 12am ahha lucky parents ain't angry ahaha.Anyway, this sunday vics band is going mediacorp for the super band second audition. Yeah! pooof!

Passionforlife at 8:55 AM

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Had alot of fun with my baby,nat and vics today. we went out to Bugis to get some stuffs for vics gig and second audition this sunday.Tomorrow vics's band is gonna have a gig in NUS so excited!! ahaha.Well, i really hope they would get into finals in superband, i know then can make it.
Anyway, after that we went spotlight at PS haha took alot of crazy pics haha.We had dinner at the food court haha and Oh my God i ate one whole bowl of fish slice bee hoon and im still soooo hungry. Am i crazy or wat? or maybe there is a hole in my stomache and whatever i eat will just drop down my feet haha. We took lotsa picture on our way home haha everyone were like staring at us. In the MRT, on the escalator and while waiting for the train. so crazy.Anyway, happy to have you guys as a friend. bless ya~ pooof!

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Monday, January 16, 2006


today is kinda boring because i never met my baby. heee. i was woke up by my dog's super kick on my head. ahaha play some online game and went to my monday night class at insperation design school for my freehand MX and photoshop course.. haha it was kinda fun actually. Learnt something new and might be useful for my future. yeah today i learnt how to make a 3d object with gradient. yup.. haha.. okay.The lesson was fine.Nothing really happen today haha so i'll stop here ya? Pooof!

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Sunday, January 15, 2006


Wow today was the day i was waiting for. haha victor and his band took part in superband and they entered! haha it was good and xu zhen rong was there as a judge too. it was actually sunny, but all of the sudden it rained and then sunny again. whats happening to the earth? is it going crazy with those pollutions or is that what they say, sun shine after the rain? ahh whatever. Then when out with my buddy ignaz and his girl and of course victor. walk and walk and walk and walk and walk and walk... ok enough. Then victor and his crap came again, i have no choice but to join in hahaha. ok whatever. Sat at grafffiti cafe for a drink, they ate but i did'nt. Ever wondered why its called graffiti cafe when there ain't any there? All i see was correction fluid all over the table. Well i thought it would be better if they used markers or something else other than those cheap and disgusting white fluid. If they ever needed a marker or two please call 1900-MAR-KERS. ahhhh me and my craps again sorry ate too much crab.. ahh there goes again..miss my baby course she went off after the audition and went swimming ahaha. i just don't feel good when my baby ain't around with me ehe. Another word insecure, ahahaha just kidding! okay gonna play some stups games now haha. Poooof!

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Saturday, January 14, 2006

GOD is real

woke up at around 10am and the 1st thing i did was to switch on my new computer, my dad bought me a computer because i fought with my brada for the computer the day before and my dad bought me a new com so that we won't need to fight for it anymore.Well i guess he sees the need of i having my own computer now hahaha. Using the whole morning and got really bored so i went check whats on tv and ended up watching cartoons haha.
Went to meet my baby at 4:45pm when we are purpose to reach by 5 pm haha. Went for service and then FUEL(its like a bible study thing) and spent 4 hours in church.God is real!!! i always wanted to know what are the different books in the bible about and why are they catagories in that way. God answered my questions!! God's word leads us to the next level in our life, listen and follow the right path.Bless ya~

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Friday, January 13, 2006


haha okay my new skin again. Got really confused about which skin to chose haha my baby found so many skin for me and i jus can't make up my mind which is the best. btw this skin is the last skin she found hahaha.

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